Will you be a hidden angel?

The Hidden Project Peterloo Massacre Tableaux 1819-2019

‘Hidden’ is an ongoing series of photographic tableaux by internationally acclaimed Artist and a founder of ‘Rock Against Racism’ – Red Saunders.

  • The Hidden Project shines photographic light on great moments in the long struggle of working people for democracy and social justice. The aim of the project, through reimagining those events, is to reproduce important historic scenes involving the dissenters, revolutionaries, radicals and non-conformists who have so often been hidden from history.
  • On 16 August 1819 Manchester’s Yeomanry Cavalry rode into thousands of unarmed protesters who were campaigning for political representation. They killed 18 and injured over 650. Journalists called the massacre Peterloo after Waterloo, where four years earlier British forces had won a famous battle against Napoleon. Peterloo was the war on the home front – it was a war on the emerging working class movement.
  • Hidden is a not-for-profit venture, so we’re looking for people and ganisations who believe in the importance of art and peoples culture in today’s society, that can get involved and help realise the project.

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